Baby adoption scenarios and reasons

The present scenario is such that when a couple gets married the first thing they decide is that they shall have a child once they are settled in life. Now when we say settling in life – it essentially means having a house of your own and other material things. But by the time you are ready with all this; you are losing the time to have a biological child. This is because your health does not permit you to conceive a baby. In such cases adoption is the best choice.

Baby adoption

All these factors have led to the baby adoption. There is no doubt that adopting a baby is the virtue in its own sense. There are many couples who have their own biological child yet they have adopted the babies. When you are adopting a baby; you are building a future and you can be rest assured that things will always be good with you. There are various reasons for adoption – here are some of them

The trend is changing – there are many couples who are able to bear children but want to adopt only because they just love kids. This may seem to be very flowery and hard to digest – but yes there are many single parents and couples who adopt children because of the love and care they have for little ones. The children are adopted even if the couples have their own biological child.

In India, the trend is changing – earlier if you have a girl child; then the couple would long for a baby boy. There are many couples who have adopted a baby boy; as they have girls as their own children. Now things are becoming vice versa. There are many parents who have boys and crave for a girl child – again in such cases they are ready to adopt a baby girl. They generally do not wish to take a chance in case of biological child as the gender is unpredictable. Hence taking the babies for adoption is the best way to get a child as per their choice.

Couples who are having a single child also go for adoption. There could be various medical reasons that the couple would not want to have second child; instead they choose adoption. In such cases the adoption is done with complete consent of their own child. This ensures that their family is complete and the child also enjoys the company of each other.

Single parents who wish to enjoy parenthood have also starting adoption. There are many live examples of celebrities who have adopted children and are bringing them up as single parents. The best example is of Sushmita Sen who has adopted two girls – they are being brought up like her own kids and they too are enjoying their status.

Controlling the population – this is one aspect as far as India is concerned which has to be addressed seriously. There are couples who think that it is better to adopt a child rather than having a child of their own. This is because there are committed towards a social cause. Besides this child adoption is also a boon for those who suffer from serious diseases and cannot take the risk of having a child of their own.