Understanding the water heater problems

Your water heater must be very expensive when you compare to other plumbing equipment. Repairing the water heater doesn’t have to cost much if you have some little knowledge on what commonly affects their smooth operation. Most water heater problems can easily be sorted out by a homeowner except some few complicated ones like a leaking water tank. This, when it happens, must be replaced as there are no fixes to a leaking water tank.

Complaints of hot water not working from family members are very common. It is important as a homeowner to understand some of the issues you will experience with the water heater.

  1. Water temperature issues.

One common cause of water temperature issues is the change of thermostat on the tank. This can easily be solved by simply lowering the temperature or raising it a few degrees for the tank to be back to the functional level.


  1. Sediments build up

When there are excess sediments left in your water heater, there is a high likelihood that the heater will not function well. There is likely to be a smell coming from the tank with burning noise of the sediments coming from the heating element. Sediments if not cleaned will occupy space in the tank reducing the capacity of the tank. To effectively deal with this problem, it is important to wash away the sediments from the tank. Washing the tank must always be done as part of a routine maintenance of the tank.

Frequent cleaning away the sediments will prolong the life of your water heater and reduce the noises that come from it.

  1. Parts breakages.

Knowing what the water heater consists of will assist you in finding where your problem might be coming from. A water heater has a large holding tank, a cold water intake, the hot water outlet, and the draining valve. These parts are easily visible. Inside consists of some parts that you can’t see. These are the deep tube, heating element. There is also the metal rod which protects the body of the tank from rusting. It is always important to know the parts and how to repair them as any deterioration or problem with the parts can lead to the water heater not working to its optimum level.

  1. Breaker.

Sometimes one thing that can cause problems with the water heater is the breaker. The breaker occasionally trips when there is a power fluctuation. If there is no heating taking place, it is important to always confirm that the breaker has not tripped. Confirmation that there is a supply of electricity to the heater is very important.

In summary, most water heater issues and problems can easily be avoided or solved by homeowners without spending a lot of money hiring a technician. Understanding the functionality of the heater is, however, important as this will help you in determining whether the problem can be solved by you or you should get a qualified person to handle it. With continuous maintenance, it is very rare that you will have many complaints of hot water not working from family members.